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By Kate Minnich Writer & Designer Published: June 1, 2016 12:00 AM
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As we begin to move outside for the summer months our outdoor area needs, should be reassessed and spruced up for the gatherings to come. At Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts beautiful furniture, gazebos, play sets and decorative pieces are available to complement any dcor style.

Outdoor furniture should be a reflection of the homeowner's taste, not just what was available at a local store. In addition, the required maintenance should be minimal in order to optimize enjoyment of the summer months. Without room to store the outdoor furniture, many leave the pieces out in the weather conditions. General wear and tear issues arise, their severity dependent on the quality and type of materials used in their creation. Boasting a large line of poly furniture, Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts offers an assortment of items in more styles possible to describe all with an extremely low amount of maintenance requirements. Poly furniture is crafted from recycled materials such as plastic bottles and built to withstand various weather conditions. Owners Dwight and Mabel Mast prove the quality of the products to each customer by leaving pieces outside in all weather conditions.

The style of furniture offered through Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts is constantly being updated and driven by the customer's preferences and modifications. Three heights are available for tables ranging from dining, counter and bar height complete with complementing chair heights. If one customer isn't a fan of high table tops they can choose the dining style instead without sacrificing quality or color.

Sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows often presents the problem of where to place a beverage. When placed in the grass the cup may be lost if the lighting is dim leading to a doomed moment when an unsuspecting victim knocks over the cup and all the contents are lost. Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts offer two solution; cup holders and end tables. The end tables available form a matching set to any chair and allow for multiple cups or even to hold the marshmallows and chocolate. Various chairs and benches come equipped with cup holders. The benches may be artfully modified to hide the cup holders within the back of the middle section. Chairs complete with cup holders feature them swinging out to the side.

Mosquitos are one of the biggest nuisances of the summer, they have a tendency to ruin any peaceful moment in the outdoors. Rather than being ushered inside, Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts suggests erecting a screened in gazebo. The gazebo allows for comfortable setting without sacrificing the view and the fresh air of the outdoors.

Color options at Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts are plentiful with neutral tones as well as tropical. Swatches are available among the displays allowing customers to visualize the exact color a product will be. A customer's choice in color can be customized in such a way to allow for individual slates in a chair or table to be different colors. Recently one customer carried a scarlet and gray set off the lot in honor of The Ohio State University.

Well versed in decorative dcor items, Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts offer customers unique ways to decorate their home. Dcor items range from clocks to small hedgehogs meant to grace a mantel or shelf. The clocks available range in style from industry looking to whimsical. One of the more industrial clocks features a clear face which allows all the inner gears to show. The rhythm clock takes on a more whimsical feel with the ability to play music with moving pieces within the face. Other decorative items are skillfully placed throughout the shop in ingenious designs giving customers many ideas on how to present items within their homes.

Beautiful items are scattered throughout Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts, meant to decorate the inside as well as the outside of every home. Whether you are looking to replace outdoor furniture or enhance the beauty of your home the store will have just what you are looking for at a reasonable price.

Visit Swiss Country Lawn & Crafts at 2131 St. Rt. 39, Sugarcreek, OH 44681. For more information call 330-853-2031 or visit swisscountrylawn.com.

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