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Eiler's Candy Shop

By Kate Minnich Writer & Designer Published: July 1, 2016 12:00 AM
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A great piece of candy can make a sunrise enjoyable again and when it is sprinkled with a bit of dew, covered with chocolate, a miracle or two may fall right at your feet. The Candy Man currently residing in Dover, Ohio has descended from a long line of candy makers who have been spreading love and making the world taste good even when it seemed to be only a childhood wish.

John Gipps and his sister Mary Ann Farmer are the owners of Eiler's Candy and have been maintaining the magic of the Candy Man by providing the community with candy wrapped in sighs of contentment. John and Mary's Uncle Norman first opened Eiler's Candy Shop in 1936, at the time a large portion of the business was dedicated to sodas and ice cream. The candy sold within the store at this time was purchased through an outside source. During this period in history the Great Depression was making it impossible to separate out the sorrow from the dreams of tomorrow and many people were without jobs. Norman's father was one of those out of a job, which left his parents with no source of income. Now, Norman's mothers, the original Candy Man had been making candy as Christmas gifts. Recognizing the worth and love the candy spread, Norman asked his parents to join him and make candy in the back of the shop.

As the years go by and trends change the shop has modified their selection to reflect the taste of the customers. The 60s rode through town on a coconut cloud accompanied by dreams of fruit flavors, which inspired Eiler's to include such ingredients in their recipes. Now, the general populous are looking for chocolate paired with peanut butter and The Candy Men are ready to comply.

Over the years the magic of those original recipes have been passed down between family members and switched the focus of the shop to candy. Working with only Wilbur Chocolate, Eiler's Candy strives to make everything they bake satisfying and delicious. All Barks, creams and caramels are still made onsite with the same care and attention to detail inspiring children to acknowledge the Candy Man wherever the goes.

Making the candy is a delicate process, but when perfected, the texture of the chocolate will convey all the hard work. Properly tasting chocolate is similar to sampling a glass of wine. Letting the chocolate melt on the tongue and wallowing it around to completely coat the inside of the mouth will expose every taste bud to the true taste of the chocolate. The candy purchased through Eiler's Candy Shop will pass the taste test every time with high marks in smoothness as well as flavor.

Despite the emphasis on the candy, the shop has not lost their connection to the past. Maintaining a lot of the original machinery, such as the original Coca Cola machine, Eiler's Candy Shop still offers a small seating area equipped with short red swivel stools. The scene looks as if it belongs on the movie set of Grease with the glass containers for malts and sundaes rounding out the fantastic dcor. Another original feature to the shop is the ice cream machine fondly referred to as the Local Cat. Equipped with nine lives, the piece of machinery has been making ice cream for the shop from the beginning and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Eiler's Candy Shop is a favorite of the locals and visitors alike, spreading joy through their dedication to the best product. Many of those who grew up with the candy cannot find a replacement and will often have the candy shipped to their door if they have moved from the area. In explanation, John Gipps says, "we aren't the biggest and we aren't the fanciest but we make the best product for the price". Using only the best chocolate produced by Wilbur Chocolate, Eiler's Candy Shop provides the community with a taste of childhood and the creamiest chocolate around.

For a taste of the candy everyone is raving about, visit 225 West Third Street in Dover Ohio. They may be reached at 330-343-3411 and remember, if it is mixed with love the candy will make the whole world taste good.

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